A House Swept Away

So my husband said that he will check if he can send me a large amount of money intended for our house but he is also checking if he can just send it to himself when he is here. I hope we can really buy a house this year, but if not maybe I will just plant some flowers outside in a pot of course since the whole area is cemented. At least to make it a bit pretty, there are many things we need to repair for this house and even the sink; we were not able to do it. I hope I can do it since I am pretty busy here at home, sending and fetching to school and tutoring her. On the other hand, I know I can’t complain, I mean how I could dare to complain while just recently many of our Kababayan in Manila lose their homes because of flooding. There was one woman caught in a roof of her house, her relatives and neighbors already told her to evacuate but she did not. Later she was caught in a roof eating, her house is already surrounded with water and it’s already leveled almost to the roof.  She saw some of her neighbors watching her, she even danced for them. I guess she was already got a nervous breakdown that’s why she even danced in front of the people despite of those raging water, I mean who would not get a nervous breakdown of her situation? The last thing I saw her, her house already swept away by the flood and she was not able to be found.

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