Haunted House In Rhode Island

I bought 3 DVD’s to be watch at home and among of these are the Conjuring, I got interested with this movie since my daughter keeps on telling me about it. She said it’s somewhat similar to the haunted in Connecticut. Since there is no class on Wednesday, we watched it in the afternoon. It was about a haunted house in Rhode Island, the owner who was a witch curse her house and the land that whoever would own it in the future will die. In 1971, a couple with 5 daughters moved in to the house and in two nights they were haunted. They asked for help from a spirit expert and they helped them. It was a long and hard process but at least they were able to save the mother who was possessed when spirit experts stayed there for one night to gather evidences.

My niece and daughter also found some story online about the house, although the family was healed and they were able to get rid away of the witch ghost. The next resident still could feel some banging and movements in the house but not that intense anymore. But for me if I read some testimonial in the house, I would never live there at all. I mean how could you get some peace when you know that house you are living in is haunted, right?

Yes the movie was based in true story.

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