The Microwave That I Purchase Online

I get so excited when I have my first online shopping to be delivered it here in our doorsteps. I mean what excite me most is that I will have a 1,000 pesos discount. But I push the button wrong, sigh! I will be writing in full details in my other blog. I purchased the Microwave Oven online, it has been a while that I really want to buy a microwave especially those times that I am working and there’s no one here to prepare for my students. Anyway the buying did not push through since I resigned last June but even so I still thought of buying one for us. We always get a left over and I want to just heat it instead of putting it only in our table and soon get spoiled. I want to heat it in a microwave oven since it is easier than cooking the whole stuff again. Anyway I am not sure if I will cancel the delivery or not let’s see if I will be able to see the item and I will decide

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