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The Builder

I am an active blogger and I spend a lot of time online, doing research for my blogs or just getting some basic ideas. One thing that I have noticed is the wide variety and quality of websites. Some are very basic and simple and some are so complicated they are not really user friendly. I like websites that are attractive and easy to navigate. Creating such a website should be easy and it can be if you use the write tools like those at Having an attractive, easy to navigate website while using the most up-to-date tools is one way to attract visitors to our website. You should want your website to be the best it can be, so why not use the best tools to design it?

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The Subdivision In The Next Road

This afternoon, we were waiting for the agent who could introduce us to the subdivision beside us, the Residencia Del Rio; I am really in the edge that if we can’t see a house today, I could never own one at all. My husband still chilling about it, I know he also want to have our own house but he is so calm about it, he is not in a hurry at all and I am. I am fed up and so tired to rent at all, so I contacted the agent from before and told him if he could show us around. He gave me the computation of both style of the house, the Bungalow and the Waling Waling. I opted the Waling Waling at first since it is very affordable, but one thing that my husband dislike about it is the Master’s Bedroom does not have its own bathroom. The Waling Waling also has the smaller size than of the Bungalow. I want to make a reservation right away but my husband stopped me and said we will have to wait for 2 weeks for us to decide since he is interested with the Bungalow, he just have to see first what he got when he will go back in the States this Tuesday. I got interested with the Bungalow as well but which is which, I don’t care I just hope that next year we can already move out from this rented house.

I just snagged this pictures in Filipino Homes Davao Blogspot.Com when I asked our agent to send me a picture of their gate proposal and the road as well.

 photo BUNGALOWB_zpsc021726a.jpg

The Bungalow Type

 photo walingwaling_zpsa8727f94.jpg

The Waling Waling

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Not Interested

We went back to Bambu Estate last Friday, since the agent keeps on calling me on the phone and told me my husband might like the Bambu. I was thinking there is no way he would like it there, I mean the area is good but I am not sure if we can afford the house itself. The agent showed us the nice house that has the biggest size. I also like it though, it just needs a little expansion, my husband even told me that we have money now for reservation and I can pay for it if I like. But my husband took aback when he knows the fees that we would incur for us to move in. Aside from the reservation fee, we need to pay the down payment; one agent told me that the down payment and the equity is the same. Aside from the down payment we also need to pay the transfer fee or processing fee, or maybe that was a sales tax as they said it is for the Government. My husband then told me that we will have to talk about it.

I know my husband, he will just say okay if he is not interested. I already told him that it is important to get a house and he promised me before December we will get one for us. I am not sure though but we are working on it. I just phoned the agent that my husband is not interested at all with the house they are presenting especially the cost. This makes me wish then to win in a Lotto so I can freely pick a house that I like.

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Plants, Plants, and Plants

The plan to buy some plants will be postpone I guess, I planned to purchase some the next day after my husband’s flight going to the States. However it will not push through because the car will be send to the shop the day after my husband’s flight, it needs overhaul and it will take 2 weeks for it to totally repair.

I didn’t buy some plants before because I thought we will be joining my husband in the states. Now since we both decided to just buy a house here I hope soon, I guess I have to have some gardened so when we are ready to move in to the new house, we already have some green plants to be put in the yard of our new house. We are still not decided on to where and what house we are going to buy, I hope before December we already have enough money to buy our own house.

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