New Arrangement Again

Our weekend was not wasted because we were able to clean the house and re-arrange again our stuffs. Yes I rearranged again our TV and couch in the living room and I put back the small in the computer table because the position of our couch before could not be still. It slides back to our dinner table and I keep on moving it forward. I got tired with the arrangement so since Sunday is the best for us to clean our house, because we are complete.  They can help me moving the appliances and the couch, Mj and I were team while Mariel was the one who took good care of Faith and wash the dishes.

So we moved the TV to the left this time and the couch is against the wall so it will hold still. The small TV in the bedroom was back to the computer table because the closet of Faith could not hold the weight of the TV and I am sure if I will not take the TV there, the back would collapse very soon.

We also took the table cloth and the plastic out from our table. The kids liked it that way, it doesn’t looked so messy and stink. So far I like the arrangement of the house, it looks spacious this time. Next week, I will have our sink repair, I already have the quotation and I hope we can get a budget for it.

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