Parked My Car Inside Our Gate, Finally!

One morning when I cleaned my car outside our garage, I found a note in my front glass saying I should not park my car in a curve line because they are having a hard time to pass by. I don’t know who the culprit is, I mean they can just talk to me personally so I know what to do and I will not be guessing the best position to park. I was really pissed off at that time that when I parked my car one morning I hit the pipe and the water leaks outside, it is our line so I should really take good care of it right away otherwise my water bill would be rising like a jet.

So while driving Faith to her school, I was thinking what to do just to park the car inside our gate, there is a small parking spot that keeps me wondering if the car would fit. When we arrived home that day, I tried so hard to get over my fear and tried so hard to estimate the size of my car to the parking space. I crossed my finger to perfectly park my car or at least not to hit any wall. I slowly climb up to our garage and finally I parked it just right. I could not believe myself so I took a picture of it the first time I parked my car inside our gate, I also showed it to my husband the next time we chatted.

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