The Subdivision In The Next Road

This afternoon, we were waiting for the agent who could introduce us to the subdivision beside us, the Residencia Del Rio; I am really in the edge that if we can’t see a house today, I could never own one at all. My husband still chilling about it, I know he also want to have our own house but he is so calm about it, he is not in a hurry at all and I am. I am fed up and so tired to rent at all, so I contacted the agent from before and told him if he could show us around. He gave me the computation of both style of the house, the Bungalow and the Waling Waling. I opted the Waling Waling at first since it is very affordable, but one thing that my husband dislike about it is the Master’s Bedroom does not have its own bathroom. The Waling Waling also has the smaller size than of the Bungalow. I want to make a reservation right away but my husband stopped me and said we will have to wait for 2 weeks for us to decide since he is interested with the Bungalow, he just have to see first what he got when he will go back in the States this Tuesday. I got interested with the Bungalow as well but which is which, I don’t care I just hope that next year we can already move out from this rented house.

I just snagged this pictures in Filipino Homes Davao Blogspot.Com when I asked our agent to send me a picture of their gate proposal and the road as well.

 photo BUNGALOWB_zpsc021726a.jpg

The Bungalow Type

 photo walingwaling_zpsa8727f94.jpg

The Waling Waling

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