A Surprised For The Kids

My husband purchased a bigger size refrigerator last Friday, he didn’t tell it to my kids. He said he want to surprise both of them. Last Monday since we went back here at home on Sunday, the refrigerator was delivered. It was Mariel who was at home at that time and he was the one who settle the fridge. Mj was obviously surprised, and Faith was so happy that she always opens the door to look what’s inside. My husband even told them to leave the refrigerator alone; we feel so anew with this bigger size fridge in the kitchen, it occupies the space so we are trying very hard to fit all the things. My husband want to buy the oven with burner as well but I stopped him, I mean where would he put it? I told him it is best to have a house that we can modify to make it bigger so we can fit all the things and appliances he wanted to buy in the house. Oh well, I guess we have to wait when can we buy a house on our own. I hope very soon!

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