Customized Bed And Closets

And so everything must be customized since the bedroom had a small space. We could not just purchase a ready-made bed because they might be too small or worst too big. And it would be the same as with closets and stuff. If I could just put a closet here that is attached to the wall, I might already have done it but of course we are just renting so I must purchase our own closet, it occupies a lot of space especially when we bought the closet of my youngest daughter. I tell you, it is indeed very irritating that you could not move freely because of these closets. I have visited a house one day and I was amazed with the designs of the owner, I did not waste my time so I took a picture of it. Who knows? We will be able to buy a house one day.

 photo 793c3f0f-3641-47e2-881c-ea91aa04a231_zps5af2d0bf.jpg

This is the bed. I asked the carpenter if what kind of wood or there is a special wood for that, the said no. They just used a plywood for the bed. The bottom of the bed are all small closets where you can put all your clothes there. Below the small closets is another bed.

 photo 0db3df38-56c5-42e8-8815-69d5f018b7b8_zps18949764.jpg

This is the small desk where you can put all your stuffs or books.

You should noticed the beginning to end edge, from bed to this desk. It didn’t occupies much space however it is even save space. This bedroom is intended only for single occupancy.

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