Health Hazard

I usually don’t care where and what is the position of the house when I come for viewing but this time when I checked one house that I went to before, exactly this month I wondered where the septic tank located. I mean when they told me that the kitchen was expanded in the back, I noticed immediately of something that was missing. I checked outside I don’t see any mark for septic tank so I asked the one who toured me the house, even she was confused. We checked on the side we could not see any until we noticed a square spot just inside the kitchen near the kitchen sink and I was pretty sure that the septic tank was there. Just right in front the sink and inside the kitchen. I was like uh uh, a septic tank should not be inside the house it is a health hazard. The person who toured me tried to convince that the septic tank might be outside just beside the house but I am really sure that it was put inside the house. The owner may not know that it was a wrong idea to just cover the septic tank so they can extend the kitchen, they should have condemned the old one and dig another hole outside. The house was very cheap and I kind a like it but if the health is at stake then that is another story.

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