Houses That Are On Danger As Of This Time

Zamboanga is still in crisis, many flee to their homes to stay for a while in the evacuation center. But you know how tight and how hard it is to live in an evacuation center. It is better though to just stay away for a while than to be a hostage of those rebels. I am sure many houses will get damage with this attack, the soldiers tried to combat the rebels, there were gun shots everywhere so I guess there are no houses that won’t get affected. All we can do now is pray that these rebels would leave soon so they could not make much damage in the village. This is all so sudden, I guess some residents were not prepared or were in shocked especially those who are captive to be used as the human shields. I could not imagine leaving my house not secure but with this kind of emergency I won’t mind at all not to lock it, we would leave the house as soon as possible. I felt pity for those residents who are imprisoned in their own house, I pray for their safety even though their home could be dangerous with these rebels walking back and forth in every corner of their house.

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