Looking For Tools?

My husband is so eager to bring his tools when he gets back, it is hard when you don’t have tools at home and he saw that when he was here. He was laughing that I have to use a knife just to take the door knob out of the door in our bedroom because it needs replacement. And since he was worried that I might get an accident because I am using a tool that is not right, we tried to look for things in the hardware, we looked for somewhat affordable because we don’t have enough budget to spend anymore since his flight was already approaching. But we were not able to find one, until we decided to just look for it online. When my husband went back to the states he did what he promised and he looked for tools at http://www.reidsupply.com/, it is the website that I told him to look for tools. So far he liked the price but he is still thinking to just bring the old tools here and so we will not spend for any instead for most important things. Oh well he is still undecided so we will see when he is here.

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