Many Options

This year our goal is to own a house, this house is getting smaller to all of us. My other niece just moved in and my husband could not help but to buy some new appliances. Yesterday, he just arrived but he already spent money for a new refrigerator, it is not that I am complaining, in fact I am glad that he bought things for us since he will be staying for long with us very soon but I just hope, I mean it would be better if we own a house.

I already have tour him around with possible house that he might love especially the one in the corner here inside the village. But he is just saying okay so I thought we didn’t have enough money yet. Recently, we also went to a house near my friend and we still could not issue some money to assume a house.  I guess we have to wait for a month to settle for a house to live although he likes the house that is in front of my friend.

When we arrived home today, the agent of the Bambu Estate called me up and said that there are units that were re-opened and we might want to own one. I answered the same thing that we could not afford to reserve the house that we might like and if we will get a house there, we can just afford it through Pag-Ibig loan but let’s see since my husband is very interested with the house in front of my friend.

Anyway, I am just happy that we have many options now. And I hope we still have more options when we are ready to pay the house that we like.

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