The Microwave Oven And The Top

I know I always mention about my first time experience in shopping online and take note it is a kitchen appliances. I mean most often when I hear shopping online, I always think of clothes, or some accessories that we can use personally. So anyway when I browse I saw some home appliances I could buy and since I have a 1,000.00 gift certificate I grabbed the chance right away. And last week the long-awaited Microwave Oven has arrives.

 photo HPIM1306_zps00f1bc39.jpg

We didn’t have the table top for us to put the Microwave Oven. For the meantime we put it on the top of our old Washing Machine, which we cannot use it yet because it is not settled. We put some Styrofoam in front of the oven so it won’t fall. I need it to check daily to make sure it didn’t move.

So even though, I was in a tight budget since the door glass of my car was broke, I really set aside some money so I can buy a rack and I saw a Microwave Oven top, it is not actually a top but I am calling it a top since we will put our oven there. We could also put the Rice Cooker and our blender there, so it was multi-functional, which I like it very much.

 photo HPIM1307_zps53203bf1.jpg

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