The Christmas Curtain Is Up

The curtain here at home needs to be replacing, I was so wrong to have the curtain for like the months now the result is allergies for all of us. I just noticed that recently that we really need to replace it and since it is already October, I guess it is not bad at all to hang the Christmas curtain.

I asked my niece Moreen to take down all the old curtains in the window, and since I have to go out for a while to grocery shop, I just told her that I will be the one to hang the new one. So when I arrived from the mall a while ago, I asked them to help me to hang the Christmas Curtain. It is not hard at all to hang them all since they are the ring type so it was like less than 30 minutes and viola, they were all in our window already and that includes to our table cloth, which matches the curtain. We don’t have the Christmas decorations yet but you can feel Christmas in our home already.

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