Banking Finance For A House

Since we are planning to apply a housing loan through Banking Finance, I went to my bank today and ask about the requirements. They don’t need a statement account since I’d been with their company for a very long time already I guess I’d been with them since college. What we needed this time is my husband’s proof of pension so they can compute if how many years we can pay the house. The house we are getting is not that expensive though so I think we can afford it. We just have to wait for one week to know which kind of house that we will be getting, until now we are still hoping to get the bigger lots and that’s the Bungalow type in Residencia Del Rio, I just hope that we can achieve all of this dreams this year and so we can move out by next year. Geez I am so excited to design my own house.

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One Response to “Banking Finance For A House”

  1. Pretty Kat says:

    approve lagi na basta foreigner ang bana… hehehe ayaw baya ko kalimti if mag pa blessing mo sa new house. hehehe