Closet Clutter

Since we are still looking for a house, I would always buy a magazine that talk about house tips on how to maximize your space especially when your house or bedroom has only limited space. One of the things that we are so concern about is the closet, I must say it is better to have a personalize closet so you can only tell to the person you hired to build the closet for you the size of your own closet. When you have a small space in your bedroom, you must check the shelves; it should be adjustable and should have overhead shelves so to store those things that you don’t use often like bags.

You should hang your clothes by height, if you have two hang areas, hang the short clothes in the upper rod and hang the bottom rod higher under them. Use the space near the floor for a shoe rack or bags.

If you have many shoes, segregate the shoes that you don’t use very often. The best way to do when you have limited space is put those in a box and labeled them and put them under your bed. Labeling your box can help you identify which on it when you have to use it.

Sorting out your clothes could help you de-clutter, those clothes that are rarely use or just stock in your closet, start it with donating them. Maintain the same amount of items in each pile so to look neat, segregate also by color and size.

Drawers are so beneficial when having a closet. You can store your undergarments, accessories and the like; you can also install drawers near the floor for some of your shoes.

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