They Are Repairing The Roof And Ceiling

I sent the car to the shop because the hose of my reservoir was lost, I asked my mechanic to replace the one that was lost. When I got back to the house I saw like 3 guys inside our gate. I asked them what are they doing in our car spot, they said they are with the owner and they will do some repairs. I talked to the owner and they will do a repair for the whole roof and ceiling inside and outside the house.

I messaged them the other day, telling them that we will be moving out very soon and that if I’ll just use the two months advance deposit so I will not be paying them anymore this month. They agreed with it and so since there’s another prospect who would rent the house, they are repairing all the things they need to repair in this house.

This really makes me wish to move in to our new house just a few blocks away. I hope that the thing that my husband sent me through Fed Ex is already here so I can submit it to my bank for clearing.

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