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The Sink Was Repaired But I Can See Some Grouts Are Removing

Not only the roof and ceiling that they repaired but our kitchen-sink as well. I told the owner when he is here, we already repaired the sink by replacing the tiles but the each side leaked and the water would go through the leaks. Yes I could not see any cockroaches under the sink because I painted the cockroach paint on the wall however it still look gusty because of the water flow in the leaks. The owner told the men that he hired and they said they will just put some grouts.

The next day they bought some grouts and spread it to the sides; they advised me not to use the sink for washing dishes until that night. We followed it but now I can see some grouts were removed, oh I am crossing my fingers that it won’t make a leak yet when we are still here, make it leak when we are not here already.

Yes, when I log out this afternoon, I am about to prepare myself for a bath to go out since I need shop for foods, our fridge is already empty but I feel so sleepy. The other day I almost fell asleep while driving so I hit the bed and sleep for an hour. I am about to go to the bath room when I got an email from a DA. This is a very wonderful afternoon indeed and so I need to get my butt up here to fulfil my duty as a Mom and fill our empty refrigerator till next time friends. Thank you for visiting this blog often.

Banish These Unhealthy Foods Out Of Your Kitchen Forever

For most of us good food is tasty food. Not necessarily! Here is a list of food you should banish from your kitchen for the health conscious.

1. Banish white bread or so-called multigrain white bread. Soft white bread is extremely tempting to bread lovers, and in spite of its silky soft appearance, it is best left unattended on the shelf. White bread practically contains no whole grains and can only lead to spiking up your blood sugar and insulin levels. Even so-called multigrain white breads do not contain whole grains, but rather enriched white bleached flour, which is as bad as the kind found in white bread. Instead, stock up on 100% rye bread or whole grain wheat bread. When picking up breads look at the ingredients label and pick up the bread that lists a whole grain as the first ingredient on the list.

2. Banish all kinds of peanut butter containing additives and other ingredients that do not belong in an otherwise natural wholesome peanut butter jar. Peanut butter is a national favourite among young and old alike, and spreading a generous lather of peanut butter on whole wheat toast or fruit is considered to be a good snack choice. However, a number of popular brands contain a host of hidden ingredients and additives that lowers the levels of good cholesterol while skyrocketing bad cholesterol levels in the body. Look out for trans fats in peanut butter, as a number of people are unaware of such deceptive additions unless they read the ingredient list carefully. Another ingredient to watch out for is ‘hydrogenated oils’, that are added in popular peanut butter brands. Instead, look out for small batches of wholesome natural peanut butter. You will know that it is natural peanut butter if the ingredient label lists the ingredients as peanuts, salt and oil; anything beyond or more than that should be avoided.

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3. Banish packaged and ready to eat trail mixes. Trail mixes are clothed in an aura of health and marketed as smart food options, but in reality they are loaded with chunks of sugary dried fruit that contains added sugar and chocolate chunks. In short, popular trail mixes are no more similar than candy. Instead, make your own customised trail mix at home by blending dried fruits and nuts of your choice while focusing on almonds, walnuts and oats.

4. Banish tinned and canned corn products from your pantry. Most people are of the opinion that all kinds of vegetables are good to eat no matter what they are, but in reality, certain kinds of vegetables are not really good options that offer complete nutrition. One such example is canned corn as it not only contains high levels of sugar but also simple starch, making it an unsuitable vegetable choice. Instead, stock up on canned green beans that are definitely better than corn due to substantial quantities of nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin A, and most definitely low on sugar.

5. Banish packaged pasta sauces. Although cooked tomatoes contain significant amounts of a prostate healthy antioxidant known as lycopene, and is low in fat, it also contains copious amounts of sodium that can spike up your blood pressure levels to dangerous degrees. If you think that a packaged pasta sauce is safe if it does not contain meat or cheese, it does not guarantee complete nourishment. Instead, stock up on hot marinara sauces. Packaged marinara sauces that contain some heat or full-bodied seasonings such as jalapeños, or chilli peppers require much less sodium to preserve it.

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The Check Did Not Work

After 2 days at least they already done repairing the roofs and the ceiling but they left with one bulb outside not working. I don’t know what happen, I suspected of a bulb does not function at all and I need to buy a new one for it. I hope that’s only the problem because if the problem is in the wiring I could not do anything with that but to leave it as it is, we are going to move out anyway. Yes I can’t wait until we can move out already but I am worried because until now we still did not pay the 70% of the house. The check that my husband sent through Fed Ex is not seems helping at all. I have to open a dollar account for me to encash it and I have to wait 30 days clearing. I need the money right now so my husband just advised me to burn it and he will have to look for means for me to send me the money, he used the xoom but I am afraid if we will send volume of amount of money, it would lead to a freezing account. I am still wishing we can pay the whole amount of 70% this month.

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When Everything Is Okay With The New House

Have I mentioned before that my family love to sing, yes we all love music but the only one who knows how to play guitar is my eldest daughter. I enrolled her last summer for guitar lesson, even though she always go to the studio alone, since I was working at that time she was still able to do it. She finishes the whole session without any problem at all, I bought her a guitar but sad to say since it was not durable, it is damaged now and she can’t use it at all. She is asking for another one this Christmas but I am not sure if we can buy it, it is just we are on a tight budget this season. However I am trying to search online if I can buy cheap guitars yet has the quality until I  found is the exciting godin bass at Musicians Friend, it has a nice style and I bet it would last long. I am sure Mj would love this, I will just see first if I have some extra from shopping foods for Christmas. If I can’t buy this for now I will just have to make her understand to buy it on summer when everything is okay with the new house.

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