When Everything Is Okay With The New House

Have I mentioned before that my family love to sing, yes we all love music but the only one who knows how to play guitar is my eldest daughter. I enrolled her last summer for guitar lesson, even though she always go to the studio alone, since I was working at that time she was still able to do it. She finishes the whole session without any problem at all, I bought her a guitar but sad to say since it was not durable, it is damaged now and she can’t use it at all. She is asking for another one this Christmas but I am not sure if we can buy it, it is just we are on a tight budget this season. However I am trying to search online if I can buy cheap guitars yet has the quality until I  found is the exciting godin bass at Musicians Friend, it has a nice style and I bet it would last long. I am sure Mj would love this, I will just see first if I have some extra from shopping foods for Christmas. If I can’t buy this for now I will just have to make her understand to buy it on summer when everything is okay with the new house.

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