The Flat TV Is Back

After like how many months, finally the TV shop messaged me and told me that the TV is already available and it is ready for pick-up. We have the TV repair last December, the staff said that we can have the TV back around first week of January but January came and it is still not available, in fact it was not delivered yet to Manila where it should be repair. Anyway, it was last week of January that they messaged me and said that the TV is already repaired.

I arrived home with it, and I assemble it with the stand right away but geez I misplaced the other screw, just one little screw and the TV was not standing balanced at all. We have to find it yet so it would stand straight, good thing after looking for it on the floor for like 30 minutes my niece found it. Now we can enjoy watching the TV in our living room.

 photo HPIM2693.jpg

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