4 Signs It’s Time For Foundation Repair

Canadian weather can be tough, and nothing will experience it harder than your foundation. Age, wear and extreme temperatures can all wreck havoc on even the strongest of homes, so it’s important that you examine yours regularly if you don’t want damage or collapses. Here are four signs that you should start calling the professionals in Ottawa foundation repair.

1: Cracks In The Brick

Mortar is one of the first things to go in an old foundation. If you’re starting to notice cracks and spiderwebs in the brick, more are sure to follow.

2: Sloping Floors

When the walls recede away from the foundation, the floor will take on an uneven, sloping look. You can check the severity of this by tossing a few marbles on the ground and seeing how steeply they roll.

3: Testy Windows and Doors

Constantly besieged by a draft? If your doors and windows won’t close properly, your foundation may have shifted beneath them due to damage or old age. You should also be on the lookout for separation between frames and walls.

4: Gaps In The Walls

There should be no open spaces where wall meets floor. If there is, it’s another indication that they’re receding, especially if the plaster or wallpaper has cracked where they join.

These are just four signs that your foundation needs fixing. If you’ve noticed any of them, or if you think local weather conditions might bring them on in the future, contact the experts in foundation repair Ottawa for an evaluation and estimate.

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