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Curtain, Curtain Hanging In The Wall

 photo 2014-06-01232004_zps73a4e52f.jpg

This curtain has been a while already that is hanging in the wall and I want to change it already but I don’t have the budget until next month so I guess this curtain will be in our wall for more than a month yet. When I was still on training, I planned to buy a dark color curtain especially in the bedroom; I want it to be dark so when I am sleeping in daytime it would still feel like I am sleeping at night time. However I think I have to change that since I no longer sleeping in day time for long hours, I decided to quit the training, I know I am almost there, it would be a dull decision for everyone but for me I think it was a good decision, anyway it was not for me but for my youngest daughter.

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