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Some people choose to have carpet in their homes; however, many people have mild to severe allergies. Also, people that live in climates that have more humidity can have problems with mold. Carpet fibers, although soft and pleasant to touch, end up locking in debris found within the home. This includes dog hair, cat fur, dust, dirt, mold spores and anything else that falls on the floor. Carpets end up being dirtier than the rest of the home because debris gravitates downward and it is harder to clean. Because of dead skin cells and other debris that ends up trapped in the carpet, dust mites make their homes there. People are not allergic to dust mites per se, but they are allergic to dust mite fecal matter. 

Carpet cleaning is a must to protect its structural integrity. Carpet is especially difficult to clean without the proper extraction. In addition to debris, water needs to be completely extracted and dried from carpet to prevent problems with mold. Some solutions used to clean carpet can cause carpet fibers to break down. Depending upon the amount of traffic a home can incur, carpets can become dirty quickly. 

Although carpet provides soft flooring for the feet and little ones, different types of flooring can provide an easier solution to cleaning and keeping the home free of allergies and mold. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean. A broom and vacuum can be used to remove debris. A damp mop can be used to clean up hardwood flooring. It is easier to remove debris from hardwood flooring than from carpet. 

There are several types of hardwood flooring that can beautify the home. One option is bamboo plywood. Bamboo has the hardened and smooth properties like hardwood, but it is actually made from a type of grass. Bamboo flooring instantly beautifies the home. For homeowners who are ecologically-conscience minded, they enjoy that bamboo is a highly renewable resource. It can take trees upwards of 20 years to grow; whereas, it only takes bamboo approximately four years to reach maturity. Bamboo flooring is slightly more water-resistant than other types of hardwood flooring. 

For those who choose hardwood flooring, rugs and other floor coverings can be used during the colder months to provide a soft and warm surface for the feet. Cleaning removable rugs is easy to do and they are easy to store during the warmer months. 

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