Organizing Your Pantry

So you have this cabinet in your kitchen but it is always a mess with containers, bottles of ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar everywhere. And somehow, every time you glanced at the kitchen cabinet, there is a big storm going around. You need a streamline with all your things in your pantry.

Tall Order:  Store extras and some occasional use items, there are ingredients that you seldom use that is inside the glass container or a bottle right, store it at the highest shelves of your kitchen cabinet; you might want to place it in front so you can see it every day and there are less chance that you will forget it.

In the clear: When you go to a store, pick a clear container. In that way, you will know what you put in there. And place it in at least not the very bottom but in the second shelve will do.

Hide in Plain Sight: Let’s say, you are stocking 5 kilos of rice or grains and it is in your pantry. You can choose opaque receptacles or vintage sacks; you can also pick recycling sacks. You place this in the very bottom of your pantry.

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