Gutter Busted

My sister from the other house keeps on complaining about the roof in their kitchen because it is leaking whenever heavy rain pours. I thought it was only a simple hole in the roof that we could put a vulcaseal to seal the hole but I was wrong. One day I went there and it was raining, I saw it to myself the gutter is busted, the edge of the gutter where the water would flow leaks and what make it worst is the whole gutter surrounded the kitchen roof is affected. So from the start of the extension to where it ends, it leaks.

I told my sister who is working in Singapore that it was not a simple hole, my sister in Singapore is the one who is paying the house in phase 1 as I already turned it over to them already. But she said she does not have funds for now to repair the roof, yet she wanted to know the estimate amount. I asked my sister Irenie to ask somebody how much would be the estimate to repair the roof, until now I don’t have any update. Maybe just maybe when I am already done with my problem here in this house, I could help a little. I mean the house is already a part of me since it is my first house, and it was my souvenir from working so hard in the call center before. I need to help… yet someday.

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