They Won A Slim Type LED TV

One day my sister Irenie asked me if I could drive them to her brother-in-law’s house, aside that they have some jobs they needed to be printed they also have to get the first prize of the latest seminar they attended. The most surprising is the content of the first prize, it is a nice 32 inches LED type TV. It was just a right timing because their TV at home is already busted, the screen got damaged and it would be hard for someone to watch a program when the screen itself is already malfunctioned. Here’s their prized that they were telling me:

 photo 10609434_10202834166198694_3669081559564928557_n_zps526b0581.jpg

Brother-in-law installed it to the wall right away and all of us were enjoying to watch his latest upload from the computer. The movie Noah makes it more interesting when you have a LED TV like they have.

 photo 10628323_10202834166358698_4742901305702266355_n_zps719661be.jpg

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