From Unobtrusive to Eye-Catching Sconce Lighting Accentuates Your Modern Decor

There’s a myriad of ways that lighting can improve the functionality of a space and enhance the beauty of a room. Modern decor prides itself on sophistication and simplicity. Modern wall sconces exemplify both of those traits. Unless you’ve spent some time exploring modern lighting designs, you may not be aware of the diverse design options that a single lighting style has to offer. Wall sconces open up numerous ways to decoratively enhance your modern decor.

Sconce lighting is often used in a bathroom decor. There are bathroom sconce lighting options available that feature as many as six lights yet their design makes them an unobtrusive part of the decor. Wall sconces that feature abstract designs are eye-catching, but not overwhelming. You can incorporate several modern sconce lights in a bathroom design without creating visual over-load in the room.

A single sconce light can provide soft illumination for any area of a room. This type of lighting is ideal for illuminating a small area that would otherwise be a dark and unnoticed space. Single sconce lights are often placed beside of a mirror or a piece of wall art to highlight that item.

Swing arm wall scones are ideal for modern decors. They can be used as bedside lighting in a room where a wall hung shelf is used instead of a bedside table. Swing arm lighting is fantastic in a home office or kitchen. The variety of architecturally interesting designs makes them a popular form of lighting.

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