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Accessories For Our Home Sweet Home

I know this maybe so shallow for posting this crap in my blog. But I tell you, it took me a while, or maybe months before I could really bought this one. For me, this is so necessary for the house for safety purposes. I had this before but it is already busted and I tell you, it is not safe anymore to use it because it is not balance at all. This is necessary because without this how can we properly iron our clothes, yes we can iron it in a flat surface like bed or dining table but it is so inconvenient for us and it is just so dangerous whereas if we have this we are comfortable that nothing could go wrong.

I am talking to no other than the iron board. LOL. It took me a while to purchase this because this is not that affordable at all, at least for me. In SM this cost more than P600.00 but in NCCC this cost only P569.00, of course I checked the prices of both malls to compare before I decided which mall should I can save more.

 photo IMG_0136_zpsc53a1900.jpg

I had been also planning to buy a plastic box for me to store all my used bags. You see it has been scattered in a neglected closet that doesn’t have door anymore. I mean, some of my bags are still usable it will just looked old because they were not stored properly. The mall had a mall wide sale when I bought the box so instead of about P500.00, with the 10% discount it is only P429.745.

 photo IMG_0134_zpsa89f2f88.jpg

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