Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

So you have some pre-loved items that you want to sell and then you set up a garage but because you did not plan at all, it was not successful as you expect it to be. To have a successful garage sale, you must choose the date. Yes choose a date, think of a date that you know there are people in the village going around. Weekends will do the tricks but not long holidays because the neighborhood may have a long week vacation and so who would buy your stuff right?

Get ready with your inventory. Segregate your items according to type. Don’t just jumble your stuff on the display and that’s it. It is still advantage to be more organized. segregate your pre=loved items from kitchen items, children’s toys and books, women clothes, and shoes and so on and so forth. When the garage sale is on, everything is ready don’t also forget to prepare some paper bags, or boxed and newspapers thus when there are stuffs that needed to be packed, you have something to use for those things that needed extra care.

You can give flyers for promotions to give them a heads up that you will have a garage sale soon. And since social media is very trending nowadays, why don’t you use it to give a buzz to your friends, make it a tool to help you spread the word by emailing them, tweet and IM them. You can also ask them to help you spread the word. You can also invite them to join your garage sale by selling their pre-loved items as well, their stuffs can be also added to your inventory, and you just have to give them their earnings afterwards. When you give out flyers to your neighborhood, or schools, church you should indicate the directions of the venue of your garage sale, indicate the date and time and of course address.

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