My Electricity Bill

These past few months have been a toll on me, I need to budget and cut off all our expenses. In fact I stopped sending my eldest daughter to her Kumon in 3 months. Hoping that in the next 3 months, we will be able to recover already but I was wrong because until now we are still struggling. And since we are on budget I have to make ways to cut off our expenses. My electricity bill is always high, I thought I could not get a solution for it but I did. From P3, 000, I lowered my electricity bill to P1, 300.00, amazing isn’t it?

Yes, I only paid for at least P1, 300.00 because I decided not to use our aircon anymore and I also turned the water dispenser for how many months already. My sister was even wondering, can you believe it she paid more than I, it is because they most of the time use the aircon. My sister is already complaining but I guess she can’t do anything with it if the family members are not cooperating at all. Thank GOD that I have a very supportive kids and niece.

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