Make a Statement With Rugs

Rugs make such an impact on the visual appearance and atmosphere of your home design, that a considerable amount of consideration should go into the selection process. With all of the factors there are to consider when purchasing an area rug, runner or accent rug, it is extremely helpful to have a resource such as At Home in the Valley to rely on. Experts with extensive knowledge on how to care for different rug fabrics, fabric durability and decor tips can guide you through the selection process assuring that you make the most appropriate choices.

Rug color

The color of rug you include in the room doesn’t need to precisely match your upholstered furniture, but it should include at least one coordinating color. Rug color can help you accomplish specific design goals. Light colors make a room look and feel more spacious. Dark colored rugs add visual warmth and coziness to a room. A monochromatic rug is ideal for creating an elegantly simplistic atmosphere.

Rug Patterns

The rugs you select should be compatible with the type of decor you’re striving for. Bold geometric patterns are ideal for modern and contemporary decors. Floral patterns are often used in vintage and cottage decors. There’s a variety of rug patterns that pair well with a traditional decor.

Professional designers can be invaluable in guiding you through the rug buying process. Shopping for rugs and furniture at the same location can make the selection process easier.

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