My Mini Home Office

It is always my dream to work at home, I mean yes I have blogging but blogging nowadays has been so slow I need a job that I could earn with a fix salary. Recently my friend told me that the son of her husband and their friend will have a business and they need call center agents here in the Philippines. It is not yet starting but I would like to get ready so I set up this room to become my mini home office.

 photo 10930100_10205209571014958_6121214603812342897_n_zps219c0696.jpg

Earlier, I re-arranged it again but after a while I decided to put all the things back to its original place. The issue I had before is I have this shoes organizer hanging on the wall and it is just fronting my table. But then when I re-arranged it, the place became so tight. My youngest daughter said, the original set up is so much better, so what I did I just move the shoes organizer fully inside so I can’t see it whenever I use the computer, I mean I can see a little but I believe the smell of those shoes will no longer affect me. Oh well I hope so.

 photo cats_zpsb4e05967.jpg

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