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The Counter Top At Home

The computer set up before in the living room. When we moved in to this house, there is already some kind of a bar in between the living room and the dining room, then I set my Internet connection and laptop there and since it is elevated I have to buy a high chair for it.

Just recently I transferred my computer set, laptop set in this empty bedroom so I will have privacy when this home base job starts soon. The counter top, which used to be my top for my laptop set, I used it as a display counter now. My sister sent this glass dragon last Christmas and I really really like it. The thing is it was broken, the leg part was broke. So I set it aside first, thinking what to do with it. I tried the mighty bond and it worked! You could not even notice it since it is made of glass. The counter top was empty at that time and putting the dragon there really looked very nice.

 photo d9606b2f-2ec8-495c-a9e4-fac4a7f9a877_zps006e3d56.jpg

This is the counter top in between the dining room and the living room.

 photo 71bbead1-1e59-41b9-ad9c-c95fc24796ad_zps87094ea6.jpg

The closer look of the glass dragon, now can you notice the broken leg? Not anymore right?

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