First Time To Have Guests

We moved in to this house last year but never ever I have invited some guests. I actually originally planned to set up Faith’s birthday in a different place like a resort however since we don’t have extra budget for that. It looks like it is better to celebrate it at home with a few chosen guests.

We were so busy cleaning and busy preparing for our youngest today and this will not be perfect if we didn’t hear mass. Yeah I made sure that before her party started tonight, I made sure she was able to attend mass and lit a candle for her birthday.


 photo IMG_0548_zpsa9e5d425.jpg

Here’s my niece and cousin in the living room

 photo IMG_0549_zps23bf4b75.jpg

My friend and her daughter with my sister in the dining area

 photo IMG_0551_zpsd0bc2731.jpg

My friends from the team and our coach

 photo IMG_0552_zpse47ec80f.jpg

My friend and her husband enjoying the food in the yard

 photo IMG_0553_zps53bd7191.jpg

Daughters and Son just taking a moment outside the house

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