What Type Of Search Engine Do You Use?

How often do you need a piece of information or to find a source of a product for your company or business? I must recommend radon sub slab differential for that.  Do you kids need to find reliable information for their homework and school project, or just tutorials?  I bet all of the above can be true.  I know it is in my family.  We are constantly trying to find things that we can use in our home, for our kids to use at school and my husband and me on my job.

So how do we go about doing this?  We use search engines.  There are many kinds, whether we want to find an article to help my eldest daughter with a history lesson, or my husband needs to find a business opportunity or potential customer for the company he works for.

These search engines can be quite different some may before a specific industry (at a previous job, my husband used an industry specific search engine to find business opportunities for his employer), or my daughters want to find what music their favorite artist has just released.

We also use it for shopping online or to compare projects.  There are two specific websites my husband goes to when looking for electronic products.  Sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing may often have too much information or not be specific enough for our needs; however, they normally will give results that we can use to refine our search.

I have read articles about the various types of search engines and find that no single one really can meet all our needs.  Some search engines my husband used for his have charged an annual subscription fee.  Information that he searched for was not generally available by any other means.

Looking at search engines, there are a lot to choose from, whether we use them for home, school work or play.  My husband says that it is fun to just look something up once in a while.

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