Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

From coffee makers and microwaves to cleaning supplies and, of course, food, it’s easy to let your kitchen get cluttered and out of hand. Here’s how to solve your biggest kitchen organization problems.

1. Hire a specialist to install an automatic dustpan. A central vacuum system sucks up dirt and debris through baseboard and cabinet mounts. You sweep toward the dustpan, push the level to open the vent, and then watch as the gadget sucks away the mess.

2. If you have more gadgets than you have outlets for, have a pop-out outlet installed. With a press of the finger, a cube will pop out, revealing five different places to plug in.

3. Install a docking drawer. Leaving your phone, laptop, and tablet on the kitchen counter causes clutter and leaves your electronics exposed to spills. A docking drawer has the outlets inside, so you can keep your tech out of sight while charging.

4. The next time you go refrigerator shopping, look for a fridge with a Bluetooth speaker built in. You’ll be able to listen to great music while you cook without having a bulky sound system taking up space.

5. Love watching cooking shows in the kitchen? Have a TV lift installed in the counter. When you’re not watching, the TV can go safely back in its place, keeping it out of sight.

It’s practically impossible to get rid of kitchen items, since most of them are necessities. By keeping them cleverly concealed, though, you can make the space look more open without saying “goodbye” to must-have items. Find out more about upgrading your kitchen cutlery.

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