How Pet Rescues And Pet Salons Work Together

According to the Humane Society, over 2.7 million pets are given up by owners and euthanized each year. Pet rescues will take them in for a period of time to see if they can be adopted. Euthanization is considered to be a last resort that is a kindness to a pet, but pet rescues do everything they can to get their animals adopted.

Pet Rescues Take In Abandoned Dogs

Part of the mission of pet rescues is to redeem dogs that have been mistreated or abandoned. Sometimes animals will be hoarded by an owner in such numbers that the owner is negligent in their care. When pets are rescued this way, they are often in deplorable condition. They may be underweight from lack of feeding, have various skin infections, and they may also be ungroomed. Pets cannot be adopted in this condition.

The Role Of The Pet Salon

A pet rescue will schedule visits to a veterinarian for treatment, will have the pet properly vaccinated, spayed or neutered, then he will be sent to a pet salon for grooming. In some cases, the condition of the dog is so bad that more than one grooming session may be needed. The pet salon will donate its time to groom the pet properly. Grooming includes a shampoo, hair cut, perfuming, trimming of nails and dressing the animal with bows or other items, just so that an owner will want to choose the dog for adoption.

How You Can Help

Adopt a dog from a rescue if you haven’t done it yet. If you have a pet, you should treat it with kindness and care. If you are going out of town, take your animal to the type of high quality facility for dog boarding Michigan has to offer. You can also contribute your time or money to a pet rescue. Some pet rescues and pet salons take donations of certain items, such as dog sweaters and animal food.

Pet rescues and pet salons are worthy organizations that work together to get animals adopted and back into the homes of good owners.

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