A Corporate Housing

When your company needs someone in California, for an ongoing assignment, placing them in a hotel can become counter-productive. Keeping them in an environment that is as close to what they have at home, though, can help keep their morale and their productivity levels as high as it is in their home city.

Short term corporate housing can provide the answer and help keep your employee at his or her best. Finding an agency that can be your main point of contact can help you not only maintain your territory, but also increase that territory whenever your company develops new product types that competing companies don’t have available. Agencies that cover more than one city can greatly help companies, both large and small, with corporate housing simply because it’s impossible to ethically send someone to another city without having housing arranged in advance of their arrival.

Corporate housing should always be considered more beneficial than hotel accommodations. Housing units are safer, and have more amenities than you’ll find in a hotel setting. Corporate housing units will also have kitchen facilities which will allow your corporate staff to continue a healthy diet, and often times have facilities for exercise, swimming, or tennis. Traveling away from home poses many risks by itself, but once your employee has arrived, if he or she is able to eat normal meals, this can help keep stomach ailments down to a minimum. With a kitchen, this is easily achieved. In a hotel, your employee is forced to eat out at a restaurant instead.

Another reason corporate housing should be chosen over hotel accommodations is that the available furnishings can be changed to suit the needs of the employee and the company. If an extra desk is needed because an executive is taking an assistant along, that can be arranged with an agency who specializes in corporate housing. The added space also allows for meetings to be held, allowing for more creativity and flexibility in presentations given, while entertaining potential clients.

Choosing an agency should be based on that agency’s ability to procure housing for your employees for short term housing, but on an ongoing basis, in different cities. Suite Accommodations is an excellent example of such an agency, having years of hospitality experience, and an excellent assortment of housing units to choose from.

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