A Tip For Your Aircon

I always have my aircon clean, they said that if you want your aircon to live for so many years, you have to have it clean every 3 months. But with our situation now, I am not sure if I can follow the 3 months rule for Aircon. But here are some few tips if  your aircon is not working fine at all.

Make sure that the filter is clean so to have the air flow cool to the room.

How to check, oh well you have to turn the power off. If you can remove the door to where the filter is then remove it, get the filter or remove it to have clean or replace. Mine, I just slide the filter out so to clean it, so I don’t have to pull out the door of my aircon.

You may have to use an ice, close the unit back up and turn the aircon onand turn the fan on.

Clean the outdoor compressor. And make sure that it is working.

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