The Package Is Sent

Yesterday, I went to JRS express to check the papers that the previous owner sent to me, he said it already arrived but I wasn’t able to receive anything so to make sure, I just went to JRS express to check it already arrived. And when I went there yesterday, after they asked my name and address, one of the staff approached and told me that the package has arrived. Thank GOD. But the thing was, the previous owner didn’t include the receipt of the payments he has made before, while in fact he had to since he does not have any right anymore of those receipts. On the other hand, we were able to talk about it and I told him if I will sent him the remaining balance, would he send me the receipts, he said yes. So I went back to the bank to withdraw some money and sent him the remaining balance of the interests. I am done with it. Thank GOD again.

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