Wish On December

 photo download_3.jpgMy husband keeps on asking me how much is a stove oven here, but I just don’t have to make a canvass. I was able one time and that was about P15, 000.00.

Lately I didn’t have time to even sleep because I was too busy and I asked my husband if I could resign, I mean I was more than complaining of our life here. So he suggested to have me buy an oven, why an oven, you may have a good laugh on this. Oh well, there are so many reasons why he opted to buy an oven when I resign because he want me to bake some cakes and sell it for part time, could turn full time when it will be successful.

My niece is also asking me to buy an oven because she has so many cake recipes that she would like to try. Oh how I wish to buy an oven this December.

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