How To Remove Finger Prints On Your Stainless Steel

I have a refrigerator that is made of stainless steel and I am telling it really attracts fingerprints and since I am very busy nowadays, I could not clean it inasmuch as I usually do before. I just wipe it with dry cloth and that’s it but I know it was not enough.

Oh well, here’s the most effective way to remove the fingerprints on a stainless steel. The answer is vinegar. Any vinegar could do, it is very effective on wiping out those fingerprints and in case you want some prevention or would like to protect your fridge from those finger prints. You can apply a car wax; you put a little amount of car wax onto a fiber cloth or a clean cloth and put it in the fridge. It can help you shine your fridge made of stainless, and prevent it from your kid’s finger prints.

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