This Collecting Agent

I went to Pag-ibig today to pay our monthly installment fee but I got so surprised that our house here in PH 2 was already sent to one of the collecting agency. I supposed to pay 2 months today but they sent me to this firm to get a referral slip. Good thing the ph 1 is still safe it still in Pag-ibig office so I don’t have to go to collecting agency to pay, I was able to pay 2 months at Pag-ibig for our house in Ph 1

I thought that all of the collecting agency will give you an option, but this firm does not give me methods of payment. Suddenly, the staff gave me like days to pay the 4 months statement. I mean I thought the reason to have the collecting agency is because they will help us to pay at least a little. In my case, I just lacking of 4 months and they abruptly told me that I have to pay the 4 months straight. I mean, if I could pay the whole 4 months then why should I have to go there. I don’t get the logic at all.

The staff then told me that she will give me up to Monday to pay the whole 4 months. She supposedly not going to give me a referral slip and told me that I will just pay on Monday. So I told her, I will pay today and I will pay the remaining balance on Monday.

I just remain calmed though but I could not hide my feeling toward the staff. The Pag-ibig employees advised me to file a complaint regarding that firm instead; she gave me the email of the head office to write a letter. I mean, at least in my case I only have 4 months of lacking but what about those homeowners who could not pay the whole amount that they demanded. Sigh, the collecting agent supposed to help us to slowly pay our monthly fees to our house, but nope this firm is not helping at all.

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