Taping Up The Box

Instead of using the plain and ordinary packing tape that is black or gray in color, consider custom packing tape. The tape does the same thing that the other kind does, but it has a creative design that can show a little bit of your personality. There are tapes with bears, foods, patterns and more that can add a little color to all of the boxes that you have to pack before moving or boxes that you store items in until they are used during another season, such as clothing or holiday decorations.

Tape is an item used in packing that is often taken for granted. Some people don’t like using tape because it tends to stick together when you’re trying to get it to keep lids together. You might get a faulty roll of tape that just won’t stick no matter how many pieces of tape are applied. However, packing tape is one of the most versatile items that you need to get boxes sealed regardless of a quick trip or if the boxes are going to sit in a closet for a few months.

There are a few different kinds of tape that can be used. One is acrylic. It’s one of the common choices as it’s the least expensive. This is a tape that doesn’t tend to fade as it stays on boxes. If the boxes are kept outside, this is a good choice as the adhesive doesn’t wear out. It can be placed in a freezer without cracking for short periods of time. One of the limits of this kind of tape is that it doesn’t stick well to surfaces that are dirty, so it doesn’t do good with boxes that have been used. Make sure the surface is clean so that it works best.

A rubber tape often works best when you are using surfaces that are dirty or oily. It has more of a sticky surface as the tape is made with products that come from the sap of a rubber tree. A hot melt tape is often used if you are going to keep items in a warm environment for long periods of time as the tape won’t give out.

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