Gutter is Fixed Finally

Finally, after so many months of looking for someone to repair for our gutter, one repair guy went to our house and asked if we need someone to repair our gutter. So when the budget was set, I told him to go back on a certain day to start repairing our gutter. I did not asked to lessen the labor fee because when I asked to lessen the fee with the other guy who went here first did not go back anymore. Thus, when he set a certain price I just said OK. On the other hand, I did not pay at all the transportation since he was the one who bought the materials after I just gave him the money. He gave me the receipts afterwards.

From this for how many months

 photo IMG_0640_zpsilb3rw29.jpg

 photo IMG_0641_zps7axac037.jpg

This was our gutter looked like when it was not repaired yet

And now, I am so much glad that  it is finally done

 photo 10246693_10207835204454153_2893997471498562156_n_zpstk8epqth.jpg

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