Recycled Foam

I have 2 bed foams too long ago when we were still in our rented home. I bought it because my cousins will be arriving and will stay in our house for a while to attend in my cousin’s wedding. Their province is too far from us, the traveling time was 12 hours before they can reach here. It has been years that the bed foams were just stuck in the corner. The cover is messy at all that once you are going to lie down on it I am sure you could not sleep at all.

My sister noticed these two bed foams in the corner. She put it out and cut it and makes it square. Our coach does not have pillows; she used that foam to make it our pillow couch. She bought a pillow cover for those foams that she cut it square. She used some foams for their bed pillows. She has some spare for the cover and now they have the fluffiest pillow on their bed.

My sister being so creative did not fade over the years. This is I always remember her when she was still in Singapore she can create simple things to being fabulous especially with home decorations and accessories.

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