Water Please?

It was the last day of my work and I am so looking forward to sleep right after I fetched my daughter at school but when my sister was about to cook our dinner, we noticed that we don’t have water from our faucet. I first thought that maybe our area had a water outage but when I checked the main line, geez the pipe of the main line leaked. The pipe where the check valve is took off; it was disconnected to the other pipe in the main line. Our neighbor came also to check, we tried to reconnect it but one said we have to buy a coupling or another check valve, I went out right away to buy coupling but geez the wet market near us where hardware was still open was so crowded. I couldn’t even park my car. So I went on, then I saw one plumbing supplies and I saw one spot to park my car. I went to the store but they don’t have couplings available. He recommended going to another store, I bought different sizes because I don’t know the sizes I have to buy. I got home around almost 7 pm, we tried to repair the main line by ourselves, and unfortunately we were not successful. Our neighbor was able to get someone who could help us, good thing otherwise we are stuck with no water the whole night. It was almost an hour that he tried to repair it and guess what all different couplings were not used; we didn’t need it after all. Sigh! And my time was wasted; I didn’t have sleep at all. Anyway, to just make me feel right, the main line was fixed thanks to our neighbor.

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