We Need Generator At Home

Yeah we badly need generator in our home nowadays because of this unending outage in the area. One of my friends was able to share with me her strategy to have her fan on when she is sleeping in the afternoon. She bought a UPS cost only P3, 000.00 for her computer. When a sudden outage would occur in her place, at least her Internet will still run even if it is already outage until she finishes with her home base job. She used UPS so her electric fan would still turn on, see it is like a mini generator for her little home. When the electricity is on, she has to make sure that she will charge the UPS so she can still use when there’s an outage again.

I was planning to buy a mini generator for the house, but it is just I always out of budget. I hope but next month, I can set aside some funds for it. So I don’t have to suffer and sweaty when I have to sleep at daytime and there’s an outage.

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