Prepare Your A/C Before Summer

Ever since the start of summer, we always have our A/C on from the time I arrived at home until the next day. And just recently I remember that the A/C needs to clean up. I scheduled my brother-in-law to clean it next Friday on the day of our releasing of salary so I have something to pay him.

So how to prepare your A/C before Summer starts?

Maybe in some countries especially when winter season, the A/C just sits idle for months. They could not use it simply because it is cold and turning the A/C on could just make it worst. So when summer starts, do the A/C maintenance so you will not suffer and will be bathe with sweats.

Know the basic of your A/C

Air conditioning has two basic components, a condenser unit which is in outdoor and evaporator unit, which is mounted on the air handler. The blower of the air handler when it blows it will result chilling and dehumidifying through duct work to the home rooms. So I’m telling you maintaining your A/C could not be done alone, you need professional help, otherwise your A/C will not be turn on during Summer.


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